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tv   The O Reilly Factor  FOX News  January 14, 2010 5:00am-6:00am EST

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"the o'reilly factor" is on. tonight thousands reported dead in haiti after an earthquake. will the chaotic country completely collapse? the usa has poured billions into haiti. should we do more? >> this was not a failure to collect intelligence. >> let me finish this. but a failure to connect intelligence. nice. another great barak obama bumper sticker slogan. >> emerging as barak obama television supporter. we'll look into that. >> let me explain this again for you idiots out there. >> it's almost funny that these people feel that you're such a threat to them. it's almost amusing, is it not? >> dennis miller analyzes my interview with sarah palin last
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night. also the miller guy has some comments on harry reid. oh, oh. >> there is some stupid stuff going on. >> caution, you are about to enter the no spin zone. "the factor" begins right now. hi, i'm bill o'reilly. thanks for watching us tonight. haiti, liberal itch in america, that's the subject of this evening's talking points memo. terrible earthquake crushed haiti. the poorest country in the western hemisphere. reports say thousands are dead and this nation may completely collapse. question is, how much should the world do to save haiti? some conservative commentators pointed out it took president obama three days to took about the christmas day terror incident but hours to talk about haiti. they say he should have responded quick tore the
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underway bomber, but it's appropriate for him to address haiti quickly. the united states is a noble nation and a the world needs to hear that over and over and over. already the u.s. coast guard is saving lives in haiti and america will respond generously to this devastation. we always do. always. as far as haiti is concerned, the usa has given that country more than $1 billion over the past five years. the world bank donated 300 million over the same time. it is clear america is very concerned about the world's poor. talking points would like to know how much money russia and china have donated. i myself donate money to the haitian health foundation run by a connecticut patriot, dr. jerry lonnie. i give the money directly to the doctor because i know if i send it to the island, haitian authorities will most likely steal it. and therein lies the problem with haiti, massive corruption. there are 9 million haitians on the island, so enough aid to
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provide for all of them. it could be a tourist mecca. it's rich in culture, has the caribbean sea and very nice people. but there is little -- my travels have been illuminating. only half the population can read and right. most haitians live on less than $2 a day. no matter how much charity is given, no matter how many good intentions there are, haiti will remain chaotic until discipline is imposed. many liberals don't want to hear that. they believe that nanny state can provide. but it can't. no society will prosper unless there are rules of conduct, mandatory education and fairness by those in power. none of that happens in haiti. so the usa will once again pour millions into that country, much of which will be stolen, once again, we will do more than anyone else on the planet. and one year from today, haiti will be just as bad as it is right now. that's a memo. for the top story, two new polls
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about president obama's first year in office. cnn poll says 48% of americans believe his presidency has been a failure so far. 47% say it is a success. one poll asked would the usa be better off had john mccain won the election? 35% say better off. 37 worse off. 17% the same. when asked if president obama is a success so far, it's a tie. 45% say yes. the same numbers say no. joining us from new orleans, dr. caroline hillman who teaches politics. and from washington, fox news analyst and former spokeswoman for president bush the younger, dana. these numbers surprise you, dana? >> well, they're not a total surprise because what we've seen over the past several weeks is a steady decline in the up ins. and so i think that it's a sustained poll. initially a few months ago, you had a few of him -- polls
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showing him dipping below 50. got a lot of headlines. i think what concerns the white house is that this is across the board, every poll, believe me. you got to work really hard to get below 50% in the cbs poll as a democrat. >> now, why is it happening? what are the things that are driving his poll numbers down? >> i think that the national rejection of health care in these polls is a big deal. every time he talks about it, his approval numbers go down. i also think that there was probably some irrational exuberance about the obama presidency in february of last year. expectations that he couldn't possibly meet. but then over time, when they pushed for a stimulus package that no one thinks worked, the health care piece obviously, cap and trade they pushed, nobody wanted it. then the jobs didn't come through. so they've seen the steady decline. also there is some promises he made that he didn't fulfill, including transparency in changing washington and i think those numbers were going to come down from february no matter
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what. the fact that they're this low at this point, tells us something and also just looking at some of the reporting today, in history, presidents always have a lower poll number the month before going into the midterms than they do at the beginning of the first month of their second year in office. >> there is no doubt that the poll numbers are not good news. i think there is a terrorism component here as well, that president obama's reaction to the underwear guy was kind of slow, napolitano, homeland security czar misspoke, and there is a perception growing among people who are not committed to president obama, independents, maybe conservative democrats as well, that the guy is just not handling the job properly. am i wrong? >> well, first off, i think it's important to note that a majority of americans did like the way that he handled the terrorist possibility -- >> one poll says that. that's fair. but i don't believe that for a
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second. go ahead. >> in the larger context, there is one other president who had such plummeting poll ratings during his first year and that was ronald reagan and i think it for many of the same reasons that president obama is experiencing these drops now and that has to do with the fact that he inherited an incredibly difficult and challenging, both domestic and international agenda. like ronald reagan, he took a stand on various things, he's passed major legislations and in response to that, it is polarized the electorate. i think that these are not a major cause for concern. i think that we will see the fruits of some of these policy decisions in the next couple of years. but i will say that i put him in the ranks of ronald reagan whom i also admire, not in terms of the content of his policy, but in terms of sticking to his guns. >> but it's hard to see what's going to turn it around. i mean, you got a midterm election coming up this year. it's hard to see what's going to turn around. he's got iran coming down the pike that will be very difficult. afghanistan will take a long
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time. unemployment is going to take a long time. health care is shot. 36% of people think he's handling that well. that's done. even if they pass it, it's hard to think what's going to turn around. >> i think the big thing that is driving this is the economy and it will invariably turn around as a result of the stimulus package. >> maybe. >> but they already said that the stimulus package has done all that it was going to do. >> the folks aren't -- you're in washington and teaches politics. folks aren't tied into that. they're tied into perception. the perception is that things aren't improving very fast and that terrorism, when you try these gonnas in new york city, nobody likes that. everybody thinks that's a debauchle. so i don't know how president obama, i don't know what issue drives him back. >> bill, i think that is one way that he could improve his numbers. i think -- remember, he's always said that the decision to bring khalid shaikh mohammed to new
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york city was a decision that his attorney general made. >> then fire him. >> well, or he could overrule him. >> he's not going to do that. >> he might. >> he would have done it already then. >> that's something he could do to help. >> let's give the doctor the last word. >> i think in a year, we will have very different poll numbers. we will see president obama's major policy initiatives, including health care, have a major effect on the economy and it will be a positive affect and as with ronald eggen and bill clinton, i think the economy is the key to his ratings. >> hope springs eternal. next, john stewart's emerging as president obama's biggest defenders on tv. we will discuss that. later, dennis miller analyzes my interview with sarah palin last night and miller has words for harry reid. i hope they're kind.
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as we discussed earlier this week, television comedians like
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the late night guys can set a tone that can actually help or hurt politicians. i believe the entertainment industry gave barak obama about 5 percentage points in the last election. right now the biggest supporter of president obama is john stewart whose young audience generally supports the president. he has made fun of the president, but generally knocks obama critics much harder. in the wake of the underwear bomber where the president was criticized for being too unemotional. mr. stewart spun the issue this way. >> in case you're wondering why the underwear bomber in detroit counts as a terrorist attack against obama, but the shoe bomber does not count against president bush -- >> president bush had a 100% perfect track record in keeping the home land safe. >> what about the shoe bomber? >> that was coming into the united states. it was not a domestic terrorist attack. it was meant to be, but it was stopped by the folks on the plane. >> i know what you're thinking,
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but the underwear bomber was stopped by a guy on the plane. but that doesn't count because the guy stopped the underwear bomber was dutch. see, if we were playing australian rules terror ball, than yes, i would allow this. but this is not what we're playing. let me explain this again for you idiots out there. very quickly. terror ball, the lower your score, the better. the game ends when one more terrorist attack, there have been three on obama's watch in the first year. one more on our soil, a major one where you get dead bodies and this and the other thing, he's done. >> yeah. yeah. i'm talking about, dead bodies, the whole business. four strikes and you're done. it's like kenyan baseball. manager comes out and puts in someone serious about the game. let's go strike two the score board. you and i can argue all day or we can just look at the numbers. three attacks, zero attacks, mercy rule, game over, thanks for playing.
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>> the richard reid bombing is the equivalent, though, of the underway bombing. >> no, didn't count. >> okay. you're counting fort hood against obama. >> oh, yeah, absolutely. >> why not count the u.s. soldier that killed the fellow soldiers with a grenade in kuwait in 2003? >> has to happen in the homeland. >> okay. the question, how much influence does john stewart and other obama supporters have. laura schwartz is joining us. we understand the comedians make a living in doing this, that and the other. we understand john stewart's audience is overwhelmingly, 80%, liberal and like barak obama. i don't hold any of this against mr. stewart. but he is emerging as -- he's got president obama's back, does he not? >> i think it depends which episode you watch. i think he's pretty much a liberal, but to me, that's -- >> you think he's a liberal? >> yeah. >> you're not entire leisure? >> i see him as a liberal.
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but i got to tell you, i don't think that's the point, bill. 'cause like last week he did a whole thing on stealth care because he ran all the clips of obama saying it was going to be open, live on c-span. >> and i mentioned. >> the clip he shows us now was preceded by two segments on governor blagojevich, my former governor in chicago, and harry reid. so whether it's equal opportunity bashing, i don't know. the percentage -- >> wouldn't you say that out of all of them now, letterman, leno, conan o'brien, colbert. >> for a while longer. >> stewart is the guy who is basically saying, you know, i'm a traffic cop here. if you go after obama in an unfair way, i'm going to mock you. we've seen a pattern. not that there is anything wrong with that, by the way. i don't think there is anything wrong with what he does. he does take things out of
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context, which i don't like. but other than that, he's free to do it. but he is doing it and the question is, does it matter? >> i think it does sway voters, bill. definitely when you look at his desk graphic, 18 to 34-year-olds and where they voted in the last election, and i spent a lot of time on college campuses and universities and a lot of them say that's where they go to get things. but even john stewart says this is fake news. >> doesn't matter what he says. >> but it doesn't because it is still how it's interpreted by that audience. >> right. how badly do you think the comedians have hurt sarah palin? , 'cause i think they've hurt her a lot. the perception is she's a dunnedder head and it comes from saturday night live, from colbert and stewart and from the late night guys. >> perception is everything, bill. so they have more air waves than she does or any politician. >> neotoma anymore. >> their voice is heard more and louder. >> not anymore. >> i know, but i'm talking about what your honor referring to.
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absolutely not. you've got sarah. >> that's right. >> she was smart to do it. >> good for fox. i think so, too. i think it was a good move for her. very good. but yeah, i really think that folks watching this, i think have to take responsibility. if he points something out like he did about national security, you know, as with all of your anchors and correspondents, i don't care what network or what story, do some of your own investigation. we got the internet. >> you know how many kool-aid drinks there are. most people don't even bother with politics very much. they just kind of pick it up in the wind. thanks very much. we appreciate you. directly ahead, center president obama's chief counterterrorism guy, john brennan, know what he's doing? does he know what he's doing? later, bo derek has harsh words for japan. whoa, moments away.
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tonight few americans had ever heard of john brennan before the underwear bomber got into the news. but the president's chief counterterrorism advisor is now on the radar and some believe he is simply not up to the job. joining us from washington, former c.i.a. analyst, author of the book, marching toward hell.
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he was in charge of the bin laden unit at one time and in 1998, he and a few other c.i.a. operatives hatched a plot to get bin laden in afghanistan. correct? >> yes, sir. that's correct. >> one of the people that you were working with, c.i.a. agent, a woman, was killed on december 30 in afghanistan by the suicide bomber, the traitor, who the c.i.a. thought was working for them, seven c.i.a. agents were killed. this person you worked very carefully with, very closely with in '98 to try to get bin laden. but you were foiled by the clinton administration. that operation never, never took off and you say that john brennan, the chief counterterrorism guy now, was involved in foiling the plot to get bin laden? >> yes. that's exactly right. i might just start by saying
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that the officer who was killed was involved in providing the u.s. government with 14 different opportunities between 1998 and 2001 to kill or capture osama bin laden. but specifically, in 1998, mr. brennan was our senior officer on the arabian peninsula, our chief of station, and he, george tenant, and fowler, the ambassador at that time, promised the white house -- the ambassador to saudi arabia? yeah, the ambassador to saudi arabia, promised the white house that the saudis would buy osama bin laden from the taliban and give him to us and they urged the white house not to do anything to protect ourselves, that the saudis would do it. >> president clinton acquiesced to that and did not order the c.i.a., your operation, to get
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bin laden. how confident are you that you could have gotten him? >> well, sir, i'm confident. we maybe had two chances or three chances out of ten. but i think the important point on this is we elect people, we appoint people who look for others to do our dirty work. when mr. brennan, mr. tenant, and mr. fowler promised the president that the saudis would do it, we had a track record. we were attacked in saudi arabia. >> obviously it was a mistake. 'cause the saudis didn't do anything and bin laden hasn't been caught. obviously. but should we hold that against john brennan? >> absolutely, sir. >> we should? >> i'll tell you why. we must hold our leaders responsible when they have 14 opportunities to kill our main enemy and they don't do it. i'll tell you why on this particular case. by the time they promised that the saudis would do this, we had
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been attacked in saudi arabia in 1995 and the saudis did not help us at all. we were attacked in '96 and the saudis did not help us at all. in '97 they captured bin laden's main money man and they never let us talk to him. and the most simple level, in january of '96, we requested basic information about bin laden, bank records, other kinds of records, medical records. when i resigned in november of 2004, we still had not received that information. >> okay. >> eight years later. >> now, brennan was a c.i.a. chief in riad, saudi arabia, but he isn't calling the shots. clinton, the president, george tenet his boss, and the ambassador all had more juice than brennan. let's just be fair to brennan there. now brennan is calling the shots. he's obama's counterterrorism guy. you think brennan is up to the job? do you think he's an incompetent? what do you think about him?
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>> i don't think he's incompetent. i think he's a competent man. he's just not a person who is going to take risks. when people talk about i failed my president, what that means is mr. obama looked bad and so we have to make sure he doesn't look bad again. it doesn't have anything to do with protecting americans. it has everything to do with politics. >> it has everything to do with protecting your butt. that's what it has to do with. they're playing defense to protect their own hides. but it is their own hide. one more question. do you agree with me, and i've been outspoken about this -- you just heard it in a segment before on john stewart -- i think there was one more terrorist attack on our soil and there is blood in the street, that's the end of the obama administration. do you agree with that? >> sure, sir. look, john brennan defended the idea of not interrogating the bomber who came from nigeria. >> i know.
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but he has to do that. he has to. his boss is telling him, we're going to put him in civilian trial and you can't go out and say no, i think that's an idiot thing to do. >> you can resign, sir. >> you can. and you did. doctor, we appreciate it very much. thank you for your insight. plenty more ahead as "the factor" moves along. bo derek, upset with japan. she'll be here to tell us why. then dennis miller on my interview with sarah palin last night. and harry reid situation. can't wait for that. we hope you'll stay tuned for those reports.
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you may have seen last week that a conservation group confronted a japanese whaling vessel in the pacific ocean. pictures we want out and focused attention on japan, which some believe is exterminating whales and other endangered species. it's been going on for years and the japanese government does not seem to care. joining us now from los angeles, bo derek is involved with a lot of wildlife issues. the japanese thing, why do they want the whales, by the way? >> they still consume whale meat in japan. it's a delicacy. it's not necessary to feed people. it's declining in consumption, but not quick enough. >> do you believe that the japanese are aware that wiping out so many whales may lead to extinction or do they care or what? >> i think they do know it.
5:30 am
i think that -- the problem with this situation really is that the international whaling conference, iwc, designated this area in the south seas as a sanction we're for whales. sure enough, they leave a loophole that if any vessel is killing for research, then it's okay and they're exempt from the sanctuary. >> that's what the japanese do. are they the worst offenders? does the usa kill whales? i don't know much about this. >> i don't know either. i don't know for sure if we kill whales. i don't think we do. i think it's pretty much the japanese. but again, i'm involved with a group that approaches all these issues from the demand side. it's called wild aid and instead of saying no, you can't do this, it's impossible to follow whaling ships and catch them
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every time they break a rule. >> but you can put pressure on the government. you can certainly put pressure on governments to save the whales. it's a cliche. >> we're doing that and how effective is it. to get countries to agree is impossible. >> if the japanese are going to flagrantry slaughter whales in sanctuaries, then we have to expose them. in the united states, there is a roundup of wild horses out west, and in nevada, authorities say listen, we have to round up these horses because if we don't, they throw off the ecology. they eat too much. they're uncontrollable. other species can't feed themselves because the horses consume so much. so what we do is round them up in a humane way, we try to find them homes. that sounds logical to me. >> it does, except that 30 years ago, we designated these public lands for horses. in the meantime, we've taken them off 19 million-acres. if we had left them alone there,
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nature would have taken its course. they're a natural herd, everything would have been fine. >> how could nature take its course when there are mo predators? they have no predators, so they keep multiplying and they gave them a horse sanctuary, but after a while, you got so many horses and then they start to do damage and that's what the authorities are saying. >> that's not true. that's not true. there is a certain formula to acres and water for the horse herds. >> why are they doing it? >> 19 million-acres and giving it to cattle instead of horses. >> for profit reasons? >> that's not right. for profit reasons. >> you say that the acreage that's supposed to be given to the horses, there is no profit in that, is being consumed by cattle so that various people can make money. always comes back to the dollar? >> you put up fences for the cattle and the horses can't have their normal migration.
5:33 am
>> i'm just speculating. if the horses are causing eco logical damage, what's wrong with rounding them up and sending them to dude ranches or having people adopt them? >> there aren't enough people to adopt this many horses. >> what do they do with them? >> they're going to have to euthanize them. >> is that what happens? >> or we keep them in these gigantic holding pens, it's cost ago fortune. the bureau of land management, it's always been a disaster, the way they manage the wild horse situation. and i think that the public has lost all faith in them. they're going to put these horses in murders and feed them until they die or euthanize them and they'll keep having the herd until there are no more. >> all right. we appreciate you coming on and letting us know about this. thank you. dennis miller on sarah palin. harry reid and the late night chaos. miller time is next.
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i'm bill o'reilly. dennis has been thinking about the hiring of sarah palin as a news analyst and it came up on his radio program. >> i know you're a palin guy. you happy she's going to fox? >> i am happy. i'm glad that she's going to be on there. i would like for you to, maybe, you know how your segment is
5:37 am
called miller time, i would like for you, if you choose to, mention to bill o'reilly that a good name for her segment would be the beauty and the beast. >> and you electrocuted that guy right away. joining us now from southern california, miller man. >> yeah. it has been suggested and i'm not going to take that up. >> listen, you guys were cute together. >> cute? >> like lady and the tramp. i keep expecting you two to head out for a bowl of pasta in the alley. we got a couple other names for you, bill. princess and the pog. palin ator. pocky mom and the puck. >> listen, last night i asked the governor the toughest question i think she's ever been asked in her life. i said, listen, you've got to acknowledge that many people don't feel you're intellectually up for higher office. come on, miller. you know, now, i didn't do it in
5:38 am
a belligerent way. i didn't do it in a barney frank way. i didn't point my finger. but it wasn't a powder puff interview. and i thought she was good. what do you think? >> listen, i think any pretension to anything approaching genius on her part would be misguided. i don't think she is. but i tell you what, she's the best damn sarah palin we have in the world and i'd like to see a regular person in the office of the presidency. is steve schmidt her big detractor, is she a genius? was that a great campaign? how is barak obama's first year been working out for everybody? he's a genius. everybody happy with that? i think sarah palin is about as smart as she needs to be for that gig. and i for one want to see a john or jane doe lead this country for once. i'd love that. >> might happen. i was amused and i wrote a column on it that everybody can access beginning tomorrow. it will be in four or 500
5:39 am
newspapers across the country. i said the real comedy of this was cnn and msnbc because they were foaming at the mouth. they all turned into wear wolves as soon as the announcement was made. she's dumb. she's hacked. she's this. my question to you, miller, is, if these people at msnbc and cnn are so smart, why are their ratings so low? can you tell me that? if they're so smart, why are they getting hammered in the numbers? >> 'cause they're smart at the expense of the hoy paloy. quite frankly, people had enough of it, people defining how smart they are by how dumb other people are. i don't think sarah palin claims to be marie curie, but she doesn't exact how smart or not smart she is at the expense of other people. ie plumbers and their cul-de-sac who happen to be there and ask their question and get rolled the next day as a plumber.
5:40 am
whatever she is, she's defined herself. she doesn't exact it at the expense of anybody else. >> and i don't think summary smart over there at cnn or msnbc. i think their presentation is boring, flat, predictable and mean spirited. there is nothing clever about -- there are a few exceptions, but not many. all right. now, mean spirited, no. flat, absolutely. boring, no question. we're talk about harry reid. but he did liven up his life with the obama comments. what say you? >> well, as a light skinned black man myself, i feel that i can comment on this. listen, i think -- i don't think reid is all that pale for a cadaver, so i hate to dabble in that field, but i would say that in that field. i don't think reid is a racist. but know who i'm reminded of? that cat who heads up the black chamber of commerce. you got to put him on. harry alfred. he was beautiful.
5:41 am
do you remember what he said, this is racial, what reid said isn't racist. it is racial. when he starts pulling out all those black groups who sent him telegrams, that is creepy to me at that point. just take your medicine. say, listen, it was a jimmy the greek moment. i come from another generation. it was clumsy. if you got to fire me, fire me. i don't even want to see him fired. i want this cat twisting in the wind 'til november 'cause he's a dead man walking. that seat is going to be taken away from him and i would like to see him have an uncomfortable ten months. harry, as you said, the war is over too soon. you might think it's too soon, but the election is over, baby. your worst crime is that you are as boring and as insipid as it gets. you're not a racist. everything else might accrue to your credit or discredit. >> okay. now, the late night thing must be affording you some entertainment. you know these guys. it's pretty nasty.
5:42 am
conan o'brien looks like he's going to leave nbc. i think he'll wind up at fox. leno didn't do well obviously at 10:00 o'clock. not his fault. and then letterman, he's just kind of sitting back. i think letterman doesn't want leno to come on at 11:35 because leno kicked his butt when leno was on late night against letterman. how do you see the whole thing? >> i don't know anything about letterman anymore. i haven't seen him in years. but conan, i worked with him and he's one of the sweetest men i know. i thought his letter of whatever abdication, whatever you want to call it was so classy. he reminds us all that when you watch the events of the world on a daily basis, this is nothing, less than nothing. but he's a classy cat. guess what? this will show you what a goat tv is, that they take the guy who is kicking it at 11:30, put him at 10, although they were making money. then they take the guy kicking it at 12:30, move him to 11:30.
5:43 am
nothing worked. the whole thing blows up and the only guy to get promoted out of it is zucker. that will show you how crazy they are. >> the executive who ruined nbc. he's not going to be around much longer. goat what? what was that goat thing you said? >> goat cheese? >> defeat shtup. i cleaned it up. >> i think i know what you mean. billy, let me say this. can i say one last thing in closing? >> we have actually 90 seconds. go ahead. >> i would say this is what's going to happen, jay should get -- shouldn't get 11:30 back. he was printing money, for god's sake. it would be like moving you or something. it's just crazy. he was the home base. conan, i don't know what he's going to do, but i do know, like he said, when you're down side is sitting on the beach and
5:44 am
watching your kids grow up for four years at 20 million a year, then god blessed you. if i was him, i would get away from hollywood and cash that check. 20 million. that's what beck is making a week! >> but beck is paid in gold. just as a transportation cost alone to get that amount of money to glenn, is phenomenal. somebody might come after you. i wouldn't be surprised if fox comes after you for an 11:00 o'clock gig. >> not interested. i got the world by the buttocks. i got -- >> by the goat thing. >> i'm on this once a week. die the radio show in my house in a pair of gym shorts. i'm not getting back into that again. it was headaches and i didn't do all that well at it when i did it. i'm happy where i am. >> on "the factor," you and me. all the way. all right. dennis miller, in a moment, conservatives go after president obama about national security and his terror strategy in an interesting video. did you see that?
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if you didn't, we'll show it to you next.ú"#ñ#ñ#ñ#ññññññññ
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tonight did you see that, where we bring you videotape you might have missed. we begin with the group, keep america safe. a conservative outfit that does not believe president obama has the right take on terrorism.
5:48 am
one thing i'd like to point out is that the system worked. everybody played an important role. >> in many ways, this system has worked. we just have to continue to keep refining it. >> how long did it take you to realize the system failed? >> with us now to analyze, james skinner. very slick. that was one of the slickest pieces of propaganda, because it is. it's designed to make president obama look bad by a group that opposes his presidency. but that was super slick.
5:49 am
>> where is jacoboer when we need it. the group is keep america safe, run by liz cheney, former vice president dick cheney's daughter. they had sommelier outmate questions about his approach to national security. it looked like a campaign ad. >> i thought it looked like a movie. >> prime time show on fox. right? >> we love you. but we did call this cheney about this ad and you know ha she said to us? i hate bill o'reilly. she hates me. >> no. >> she does. >> who could hate you? >> many people could. i think it's heard tear because her father hates me, too. liz cheney hates me. we said, could you come on? she said, maybe if there is a guest host. >> i'll be hosting and liz will come on. >> the only reason i mention it is because i get from liberal people, conservatives. they hate me, too. but i thought this ad was devastating. >> it's interesting. it does look like a campaign ad or television show. it raises the question, though,
5:50 am
this group does have big questions about his approach, eight years after 9-11, we should be having that conversation. we should have a bold debate on that. but it raises the question about does something like this, is it at the level of a debate for national security that we want to have? >> is it at that level because president obama has to decide what his strategy is. he's the leader. he's the leader. and if he doesn't mention it for three days, then that sends a message it's not that important. >> your issue is you wanted to see him more. >> i said at the very beginning, we need general potten. we're not gettin' it. >> aren't they doing the same thing that was done to president bush when he was at crawford. >> hurricane katrina, he got hammered. but just because -- and bush made a mistake not responding enough. >> that doesn't mean he wasn't engaged. >> he wasn't engaged at the level he should have been, president bush, and neither was president obama on this, in my opinion. we talked about the late night thing. the executive at nbc in charge is jeff zucker. on will farrell's web site, he's
5:51 am
kind of a pinhead, but he has a fun web site. they have a conversation, fictional, between the nbc suit who ruined nbc and conan o'brien. roll the tape. >> conan, it's me. jeff zucekr. read your letter. let's talk about it. let's figure this out. cone, jeff again. i understand, 12:05, a no go for you. i totally get it. let's work this out. 12:04. 12:03. you can start by 12:01. (beep) great news, buddy. "tonight show" at 11:35 is happening. you are on. every night at 11:35. until 11:37, then jay is 11:37 to 11:39. (beep) i don't know what to do. i love you, i love jay.
5:52 am
would you agree to a gentleman's door? >> very funny. fictional, we should point out. >> it was? >> yes. poor jeff zucker. >> hold it! >> i could not find anybody to defend him. our brain room searched and searched. so i am here to give a defense. >> do you have any idea how this guy has attacked you, fox news, everything we stand for? do you have any idea how this guy has done this over a ten-year period. >> let's talk about what he did here. >> come on. >> acknowledging he got them into this mess in the first place. acknowledging that. nbc's in fourth place. they got to gamble. jeff zucker gambled. he wants to keep jay leno. he lost. give him credit for recognizing he was losing. >> give him credit for recognizing he was losing? how hard is that? the ratings say nobody is watching us and you're giving him credit for recognizing that? >> you worked in tv long enough to know that some people let it
5:53 am
go. >> i want to say, jane skinner is the nicest woman in the world. >> until i come on with you. >> there is only one woman in the world who would stick up for that guy. one. and here she is. >> my mom said you should let me finish sauce she's nicer than i am. >> your mom says i should let you finish what? >> let me finish my question 'cause you don't let me do that. >> your mom says that? >> yes. what position is nbc in? >> last. >> they get the king of late night back, they get the ratings back up. they get the beach front property back at 10 eastern. they can have a whole fresh start. if they get -- >> i don't want to interrupt. is your mom as talkative as you? >> more. >> here is mom, everybody. rebecca romaine as in the lettuce, in the spotlight, right back with p and p.
5:54 am
5:55 am
rebecca romaine is a new spokesperson for milk. in addition to encouraging americans to drink the beverage, she's setting up a project to donate milk to poor people. now, we like milk, we know it's high in fat, but also very healthy, especially for children. so miss romaine is a patriot. on pinhead front, people magazine reporting tiger woods checked into a counseling clinic. ordinarily we would not mention this, it's a private matter for the golfer and we wish him and his family well. however, in the people magazine article, a so-called expert is quoted as saying, mr. woods will be out of counseling by, wait for it, valentine's day. perhaps not the best choice of words. pinhead comes to mind. tonight we're getting lots of nice comments about the no spin news which is posted nightly on bill o' for premium
5:56 am
members. tonight and through monday, we will open up the no spin news to everybody so you can sample it. again that's on bill o' we want you to become premium members. big reaction to the debut of sarah palin on fox news. jamie, north carolina, sarah palin showed real class when speak being her critics and did not throw mud and that is refreshing. theresa, north carolina, tell her to speak her mind. quit worrying about who you might offend. diane, connecticut, sarah palin's debut shows she's prepared to lead this country. lynn, florida, i thought she dodged some of your questions. disappointing. mississippi, i thought sarah palin made a brilliant point when she suggested president obama begin preparing the american people for a possible military conflict with iran. in atlanta, this viewer hopes has governor palin becomes more comfortable in her role as an
5:57 am
analyst, she'll spend less time on partisan politics. in new york, it is indeed unfortunate that you so bluntly focused upon liberal attacks on governor palin's intelligence. would you have done that to a man? you don't watch the factor very much. on 60 minutes spends eight minutes on people deriding the governor's intellect, it would be irresponsible of me not to ask questions about it. this is not some propaganda program. this is the real deal. we ask the toughest questions in the business, so you can know what's really going on. i thought the governor did very well last night. bob hill, nevada, another great interview. the left always tries to paint their opposition as stupid. it is what they do. joyce in illinois, since when is it a crime to express your disagreement to a president? i thought the guy in houston who cursed out bush the elder was so out of control, i would have charged him with disorderly conduct. just my opinion. in texas, my wife got me bold fresh for christmas.
5:58 am
i'm not a big reader, but finished it in one day. it was a great read and i'm having flashbacks to my gramar school days. good for you and thank your wife for me. on our web site, that is "the factor" web site. different from bill o' then please e-mail us with pithy comments. name and town if you wish to opine. and here is the word of the day. if you know what that word means, you are one smart person. that's a tough one. that is it for us today. "the factor" continues 24/7 upon bill o' we have great beck o'reilley bold february gear available. i hope to see you next time and remember, the spin stops right here because we are definitely looking out for you.
5:59 am
>> good morning, everyone. thursday, january 14, 2010. thank you for sharing your time today. we begin with the fox news alert. take a look at these new pictures now coming out of haiti and all the destruction unimaginable. rescuers trying to help the hundreds of thousands in need. it's proving to be impossible now. we are live from haiti with how you can help. >> meanwhile, he could change the balance of power in washington and stop health care reform in its tracks. scott brown who is running to fill that empty seat up in massachusetts that once belonged to ted kennedy is going to join us within about 10 minutes. >> all right, steve. governor sarah palin talking about temptation? >> there are times that i am tempted to bail from the party. there have been times that in my political career, and just be an independent. >> wow. more from her interview coming up with that glenn beck guy.


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